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Monthly Pitch Deck Template

Master Recurring Revenue: Build Your Pitch Deck with the Monthly Template

Simplify Your Pitch & Secure Funding for Your Subscription Business

The Monthly Pitch Deck Template, inspired by Blockseed's own successful SaaS launch, equips you with everything you need to create a compelling presentation for investors.

Key Features:

  • Focus on Recurring Revenue: Structure your deck to highlight the predictable income stream of your subscription model.

  • Showcase Customer Value: Demonstrate how your product solves core customer pain points and drives long-term engagement.

  • Project Growth & Scalability: Outline your plan for acquiring new customers and scaling your business efficiently.

  • Present Compelling Financials: Guide investors through easy-to-understand financial projections focused on recurring revenue metrics.

  • Communicate Confidence: Deliver your pitch with the knowledge that your deck is built on a proven, subscription-focused framework.


Stop wrestling with complex presentations. Download the Monthly Pitch Deck Template today and craft a pitch that resonates with investors looking for predictable, sustainable growth!

Image by Austin Distel


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