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One Shop Fit All ! e-Shop Investor Pitch Deck

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Deck, Business Planning, Financials and Go To Market Strategy

Company Introduction
The founders with vast experience across various domains were looking to launch an e-marketplace based out of the Switzerland. The company aims to provide a neat combination of a Marketplace Service and an eShop Service Solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The clients were looking for market research, financial projection and a pitch deck for their startup.
Images have been blurred to protect the company’s sensitive information. Please let us know if you think we need to do more about it.
About the Founders
The company’s founder and its team have come from various backgrounds such as Corporate Finance, Marketing Consultant, Science and Engineering.
Blockseed’s Approach and Solution
Blockseed conducted market research to study the overall market of the e-commerce industry. The study was focused to get a detailed outlook about the opportunities and the challenges faced by e-commerce services.
Based on the founder’s requirements and the findings of the market size and growth, financial projection was analyzed. Special attention was also given to ascertain the TAM, SAM, and SOM.
In the end, Market Research and Financial Modeling were used to compile pitch deck for the company.
Market Overview
The Total Available Market (TAM) for eShop stands at $47 million. Out of which, the Initial target markets Serviceable Available Market is $2.6 million.
Landscape Overview
The success of any startup largely depends upon understanding the competitive landscape of the industry.
For the benefit of the client the competitive landscape was segmented into four categories viz. High Entry Barrier, Low Entry Barrier, Low Competition and High Market Saturation.
Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy has been devised in four pillars viz.
Determination of Market
Determination of Segment
Distribution Channel
Determination of geographical priorities
Such division will give a clear and concise view to the client to work on a long term road map and make informed strategic decisions.
Financials & Ask
The financial projections and current capabilities were mapped out for the benefit of the StartUp.
Structure of Business Document: Investor Pitch Presentation / Deck
Problem Solution
Business Model
Traction / Progress
Go to market/Marketing
Financials & Ask
Why Now?
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