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Media Company Case Study

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Deck, Business Planning, Financials and Go To Market Strategy


April 2023

Client Feedback

Company Introduction

The founders with their experience in mass communication and marketing were looking to launch a Media & Advertising company based out of the USA. The company is looking to bring the culture of SouthEast Asia to the US. The clients wanted market research, financial projection and a pitch deck for their startup.

[Images have been blurred to protect the company’s sensitive information. Please let us know if you think we need to do more about it.]

About the Founder

The founder is a business-guru over 30 years in scaling businesses in all industries, and his recent venture into Media comes from years of experience in being in the production/film industry with invaluable contacts.

Blockseed’s Approach and Solution

Blokcseed conducted market research to study the overall market of the Media & Advertising industry. The study was focused to get a detailed outlook about the opportunities and the challenges faced by Media & Advertising.

Based on the founder’s requirements and the findings of the market size and growth, financial projection was analyzed. Special attention was also given to ascertain the TAM, SAM, and SOM.

In the end, Market Research and Financial Modeling were used to compile pitch deck for the company.


Market Overview

In today’s landscape, Non-Latino Whites command the majority of advertising budgets. Multicultural audiences command the remaining 34% of marketing ad spend which equates to roughly $50 billion dollars yearly.

Competitive landscape

The success of any startup largely depends upon understanding the competitive landscape of the industry.

For the benefit of the client the competitive landscape was segmented into three categories

viz. Asian-American, Hispanic- American, African- American

Process Overflow

Efforts were made to study and analyze the Process Overflow of the startup to address any missing link or loophole in the business model.

Identify the audience: Who is the target audience? Is the event looking to attract new customers or engage existing clients or qualified prospects?

What’s your content? And perhaps more importantly, what are the intended takeaways? Does the event content need to drive people to sign-up for something?

Objectives: Why are you organizing the event? How does the event align with your organizational objectives? What are the short and long-term goals for the event?

Are your goals measurable? Unless you can measure your goals, you won’t be able to determine the impact of your event. How many leads did you generate?

Pitch Deck

The draft of the above findings were shared with the client and based on their input, pitch deck was compiled

Structure of Business Document: Investor Pitch Presentation / Deck

The Problem

The Solution

The Market

The Business Model

Our Services

Our Clientele

Competition Landscape



Brand Equity

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