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Find Your First True Love! Architecture Services Business Plan

Client Feedback

Company Introduction

The founder with more than seven years of experience in Architecture Design and Planning was looking to launch a Building Information Modeling (BIM) powered Architectural and Structural Engineering startup based in Wyoming, USA. The company aims to bridge the gap in communication between customers and contractors by means of 3D modeling. The client was looking for a Business Plan containing market research, financial projection, marketing strategy, etc for the startup.

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About the Founder

The founder is an Architecture Engineer with years of field experience and managing a business on her own. She is also a leading member of a number of Civil Engineering and Architecture societies.

Blockseed’s Approach and Solution

Blokcseed conducted market research to study the overall market of the Architecture industry. The study was focused to get a detailed outlook about the opportunities and the challenges faced by Architecture services.

Based on the founder’s requirements and the findings of the market size and growth, financial projection was analyzed. A detailed marketing strategy along with process overflow and operations flow was designed. The Business Plan covered all the important aspects like Business Model, Marketing, Sales and Operations to name a few.


Market Overview

The global architectural services market size was estimated at USD 288.65 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 391.97 billion by 2025. Increasing investments in the construction sector has been a major factor driving market growth. Some major technological innovations in the market such as the use of advanced design technology involving 3D models, and planning software have contributed largely to the market growth.

The residential sector accounted for a major shareholder in the architectural services market. Global demand for construction and project management architectural services was USD 107.61 billion in 2016.

Competitive Landscape

The success of any startup largely depends upon understanding the competitive landscape of the industry.

Segment Analysis

The understanding of various segments of an industry is important for an overall outlook. The Architecture industry can be categorized into two major segments

1. Product & Service Type

Architectural Advisory Services

Construction and Project Management Services

Engineering services Interior Design Services

Urban Planning Services

2. End-User Outlook

Education & Government






Business Plan

The draft of the above findings were shared with the client and based on their input, the business plan was compiled.

Structure of Business Document: Business Plan

Confidentiality Agreement

Executive Summary

Company Overview


-Process Overview

Our Service Offering

Market Overview

-Market Opportunity

-Global Architecture Industry

-US Architecture Market

-Target Market Segmentation

-Segment Analysis

-Competitive Landscape

-Competitive Advantage

-SWOT Analysis


-Marketing Strategy

-Marketing Objectives

-Communications Strategy

-Marketing Mix

-Critical Success Factors

Business Model Overview

Organization Structure

Business Operations

-Management and Staffing

-Operations Flow

Financial Projections

-Important Assumption

-Financial Summary

-Profit & Loss

-Balance Sheet

Exit Strategy

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