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Internship at Blockseed

Intern Introduction

The student is from Laney College majoring in mathematics. Coursework concentrating around calculus, python, and statistics. Intern previously completed an internship with World Financial Group in Oakland, California learning the basics of finance and analyzing large data sets to figure out investment opportunities.

Blockseed Internship

Blockseed in the span of 6 weeks wanted to make sure the intern was explored more on his current coursework being studied at Laney College, as it would help him grow in his field of study and it will also open his career opportunities in diverse fields. The training covered during this internship included developing a business plan, productivity, google cloud, and python modules for data analysis.

Internship over the weeks

Week 1 The project title chosen for the internship was ‘Market Research and Analysis of Security Systems and allied data products’. The internship was started with  a kick-off call with the intern for orientation and discussion on the following topics:

  1. Introduce Blockseed business, business unit’s responsibility and intern’s specific role. 

  2. Overview of the project, approximate weekly game plan, and deliverables.

  3. Training modules to be completed.

Intern was assigned important training modules that would help him in completing the internship project. These modules included Research Methods for Business Students, Google Cloud, Productivity, Business Plan, The Best Startup Pitch Deck- How to Raise Venture Capital, Python for Data Science with real exercises.

Week 2

By week 2 the intern was able to complete training modules and learned how to conduct market research. How to find suitable data and information from the internet to help him predict the development trend of related industries. During this week, the intern was asked to attend the ‘PMP Course’. It gave him a preliminary concept of management. This week was focused on teaching the intern to develop a pitch deck and data analysis which are important milestones of the internship. This was an important week as it was the first step towards the internship project i.e gathering data related to the topic. The intern was made to look for data, sorting out the data as per the requirement to fulfill the need for market research and analysis using python. He was able to complete the first step of market research on security systems. Intern estimated the market share of security systems from 2020 to 2025 by looking for data from previous years and calculated the CAGR in the forecast year.


Week 3

This week was all about going in-depth into market research. The intern was made to calculate Tam / Sam / SOM according to the current market situation and conducted a detailed estimation and analysis of the current market share. He also noticed that the market situation of security systems varies in regards to region, hence he was given an opportunity to compare the development status of security systems in North America, Asia, and Europe, and predicted their development potential in each region. In addition to market research, the intern also included a comparison and analysis of the current security system companies in the United States and their trends based on the information extracted.


Week 4

Once the market research was done, this week intern was exposed to concepts of python programming. Basics of python programming and panda library which is the main library used for data analysis was discussed. Along with that on subsequent days guidance was given on methods of Exploratory data analysis, using Jupyter notebook, installing pandas, seaborn and other libraries related to data analysis. 

Week 5

This week was the first part of the final deliverables. Intern had to submit a mini-project for data analysis. This deliverable included creating a deck consisting of data related to market research and its findings along with analysis done using python programming language. 

Week 6

The second deliverable was submitted this week. It included an advanced python project. The intern found the iris dataset from Kaggle. He imported the dataset into Jupyter notebook, and then sorted out the data and analyzed the same based on knowledge gained from training. Finally, data were visualized in the form of a chart.

Structure of Business Document: Pitch Presentation / Deck (Mini Project)

Market Overview

Industry Analysis

Regional Insights


Security Products

Feature Comparison

SWOT Analysis

Target customers

Country comparison

Trends by Region

Trends Overall

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