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Put All in One Bag! Content Migration and Integration Investor Pitch Deck

Client Feedback

Company Introduction

The founders with their experience in content migration and integration were looking to launch an Artificial Intelligence-driven tool for marketers. The startup is based out of the Netherlands. The clients were looking for market research, financial projection and a pitch deck for their startup.

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About the Team

With 15 years of content migration and integration experience, the team has developed the best content integration platform with the largest and most robust set of connectors. The members of the team have experience with developing and launching AI solutions as part of migration and integration to marketers go global.

Blockseed’s Approach and Solution

Blokcseed conducted market research to study the overall market of the content migration and integration. The study was focused to get a detailed outlook about the opportunities and the challenges faced by content migration and integration products and services.

Based on the founder’s requirements and the findings of the market size and growth, financial projection was analyzed. Special attention was also given to ascertain the TAM, SAM, and SOM.

In the end, Market Research and Financial Modeling were used to compile pitch deck for the company.



Localizing content is mostly manual process right now and there is no single platform that achieves localization across different touchpoints smoothly and efficiently. Some of the major issues faced in the industry being untapped data around localization, inefficient translation tools, human intervention causing errors and highly fragmented localization tools.

Market Overview

Content Services is expected to be $11 billion market by 2022 whereas the content translation tools market is expected to reach $1 billion market by 2022. In the case of Data Integration tools, the market will be of $4.5B in 2022. It is to be noted that the global content integration market is valued at $60 billion.

Competitive Landscape

The success of any startup largely depends upon understanding the competitive landscape of the industry. For the benefit of the client, the competitive landscape was studied with the help of a feature matrix

Market Strategy

For any product or services, the scale and growth largely depends upon the marketing strategies to drive sales. The strategies which will help the client to increase their market reach is in the following:

Events and Conferences: The inner-circle loves to talk where the market is heading. Be a thought leader by conducting events & networking.

Affiliate Marketing: Stand on the shoulders of giants. Let your name be associated with big brands so that reflects on us.

Content marketing: Inbound lead generation through Emails, Blogs, etc.

Social Media Campaigns: Linkedin and Instagram.

Pitch Deck

The draft of the above findings were shared with the client and based on their input, pitch deck was compiled

Structure of Business Document: Investor Pitch Presentation / Deck




Market Research

Landscape Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Industry Analysis

Segment Analysis

Visit / Footfall Analysis


Top Factors

TAM, SAM & SOM Analysis

Feature Comparison

Our Team

Financials & Ask

Contact Details

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