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Top Nine Marketing Hacks

Packed Bags! Up for a well organized holiday? Planning your itinerary in advance gives you a memory for a lifetime. But when it comes to building a start-up quite often founders underestimate the vitality of planning marketing strategies.

In the digital world, the success of your product and its sales is determined by the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and techniques. In this article we will guide you through the most important aspects of marketing which you should be ready to deploy for the growth of your business.

The idea behind marketing is to create brand awareness and reach among the people or customers. However the way you market your business will not remain the same. It changes with time, budget availability and customer expectations.

Top Nine Marketing Strategies Hacks

1. Create a User Persona

One of the primary things you must be aware of is the customer’s user persona. Who is your customer ? What is the age group? What is the geographic location? What are their preferences? Etc. Your company’s customer profile must be built so that you spend your time and resources on potential customers and not just any other person.

2.Social Media to your advantage

Social Media is your greatest asset which you can use to reach out to your customers. Your company should have a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms allows to be in regular touch with your customers and most importantly helps you to build your initial customer base. It works 24*7 even when you are out of office or sleeping; social media will keep running your campaigns. Post your products, services, thoughts, vision and anything which you think will be of relevance to your followers.

3. Power of Video in your hands

Tutorials are very much appreciated by users. Every now and then someone needs to get a thing fixed or have an urge to learn something new. Give value and trust to your viewers. It is a great source for trust-building. Use platforms like YouTube, Udemy or other video blogging sites to educate your users. Share your knowledge and you will get rich dividends

4. Email Marketing: Your long time friend

There are people who have shown genuine interest in your company by signing up for your email. Value their trust and expectation and reach out to them on a regular basis telling them about your latest research, product review, or even the launch of your products. There might be something they are interested in which will lead them to buy your products or service along the way. There are a lot of tool and software which helps you to manage your email marketing and automate sending.

5. Blog Now!

Blogging is an effective medium of marketing. Get it started if it is still in your plans. Start writing about things you know or things you have learned the hard way. Blog is an open-source knowledge repository of all the things which your company does. However, it is important to note that in the initial phase you should writing on an authoritative domain like medium, quora, LinkedIn, etc eventually build your own company blog.

6. Search Engine Optimization: Don’t Learn It The Hard Way

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) scares a lot of marketers and companies. However it is not tough once you can use it to your advantage. To earn organic customers, you must get your SEOs in the correct order. Never go for short terms gains which may lead to greater loss than you may ever imagine. Adhere to the rules and build relevant content for the benefit of your readers. Plan out your long term SEO strategy now.

7. A Well Thought Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel

Your marketing strategies will be of no use if you do not have a proper lead magnet and a sales funnel in use. Incoming traffic to your desired pages /websites should be channeled through a sales funnel. Without a proper sales funnel your leads will be lost and will not know where to proceed even if they are interested in your products and services.

8. Your Caretaker, CRM

Customer Relation Management (CRM) is one of those Softwares which helps to reduce your time and effort by almost 50%. It empowers you to have easier and measured interactions with your customers. It will integrate various verticals of sales and marketing and keep you away from your unnecessary worry.

9. Keep your Eye on MRR

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the recurring revenue that a company makes every single month. If you can manage your business well to have a healthy MRR, you are definitely on the right path to success

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